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    Defence News
    5 hours ago

    Analysis: Will a ceasefire in Gaza lead to a solution?

    It seems unlikely that Israel and Hamas can be convinced to transition to a full cease-fire or peace agreement following…
    Defence News
    7 hours ago

    The UK Defense Intelligence: russia Ramps Up Use of RBK-500 Cluster Munitions in Ukraine

    The increased use of cluster munitions by russia is a worrying development Through November 2023, the russian Air Force has…
    Defence News
    10 hours ago

    Lithuania acquires H145M helicopters for special forces and other roles

    Lithuania has acquired three Airbus Helicopters H145M rotorcraft that its State Border Guard Service (Valstybės Sienos Apsaugos Tarnyba: VSAT) will…
    Defence News
    11 hours ago

    Northrop to deliver 118 extended range anti-radar missiles to US Navy, Air Force

    The US Navy has contracted Northrop Grumman to produce and deliver 118 extended range air-launched anti-radiation missiles. A total of…
    Defence News
    12 hours ago

    Boeing wins $2.3B contract for 15 US Air Force KC-46A Pegasus tankers

    Boeing has received a $2.3-billion contract to build 15 more KC-46A Pegasus tanker aircraft for the US Air Force. Announced Tuesday, the…
    Defence News
    14 hours ago

    US military Osprey aircraft with 8 people on board crashes into sea off southern Japan

    A US military Osprey aircraft with eight people on board has crashed off the coast of southern Japan. The country’s…
    Defence News
    15 hours ago

    Germany to send 150 additional troops to Kosovo

    Germany’s Foreign Affairs Minister Annalena Baerbock said after the NATO foreign ministers’ meeting in Brussels on Tuesday that her country…
    Defence News
    16 hours ago

    Erdoğan brands Netanyahu ‘butcher of Gaza,’ calls for lasting truce

    Escalating his criticism of the Israeli PM, Erdoğan said on Wednesday that Netanyahu would be remembered as the ‘butcher of…
    Defence News
    17 hours ago

    UN chief Guterres says Gaza truce does not solve ‘key problems’

    The head of the United Nations has pushed for a full cease-fire in the Gaza Strip, saying that the current…
    Defence News
    1 day ago

    Global crossroads: Fragmentation versus connectivity

    In today’s interconnected world, the shift from ‘geography is destiny’ to ‘connectivity is destiny’ hints at a 21st-century arms race.…
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