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    Defence News
    44 mins ago

    China sends 6 military aircraft, 5 naval vessels around Taiwan

    Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense (MND) tracked six Chinese military aircraft and five naval vessels around the country between. The…
    Defence News
    2 hours ago

    UK to deploy 200 troops to Kosovo

    British Defence Minister Grant Shapps stated that British soldiers could be deployed to Ukraine, especially in the western regions. The…
    Defence News
    3 hours ago

    Türkiye participates in NATO’s Tiger Meet drill in Italy

    This year’s exercise hosts 80 aircraft from 13 countries along with around 2,000 personnel on Oct. 2-13 Turkish air forces…
    Defence News
    4 hours ago

    Türkiye’s 1st aircraft factory to begin producing parts for Gokbey, Hurkus

    ‘We will be issuing our first invoice in October,’ says senior official Türkiye’s first aircraft factory, TOMTAS Aviation and Technology…
    Defence News
    14 hours ago

    NASA’s Perseverance captures dust-filled Martian whirlwind

    The lower portion of a Martian dust devil was captured moving along the western rim of Mars’ Jezero Crater by…
    Defence News
    16 hours ago

    Analysis: AUKUS year 2; gauging gains and goals

    Detractors of this accord have depicted AUKUS as coalition potentially capable of upsetting established security framework in Asia and Indo-Pacific…
    Defence News
    18 hours ago

    Report: Ukraine Moves Missile Factory Abroad to Avoid Russian Strikes

    A Ukrainian official said the country has moved part of its missile production facilities abroad to keep them from being…
    Defence News
    21 hours ago

    Thailand Trials New, Domestically-Made CS/AH2 Light Howitzer

    Thailand’s Defense Technology Institute (DTI) has announced the successful trial of its new, 105-millimeter CS/AH2 light howitzer prototype. The test, conducted…
    Defence News
    22 hours ago

    Russia receives additional Su-57, Su-35 fighter jets

    United Aircraft Corporation, a subsidiary of the state corporation Rostec, announced on Thursday that it has delivered the Su-57 and…
    Defence News
    23 hours ago

    Netherlands deploys more troops to NATO mission in Iraq

    The deployment is in addition to the infantry unit of around 145 soldiers the Netherlands said in July they would…
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