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    57 seconds ago

    Report: France, Denmark negotiate additional Caesar Howitzers for Ukraine

    France is negotiating to deliver up to a dozen additional Caesar howitzers to Ukraine, originally procured by Denmark, Le Monde…
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    1 hour ago

    GJ-11 UAV displayed on Chinese National Day

     The GJ-11 UAV was displayed on Chinese National Day (October 1st). The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has been equipped with…
    Defence News
    2 hours ago

    France will supply Arquus Bastion armored vehicles to Ukrainian army

     According to information obtained by the French newspaper La Tribune, the French manufacturer Arquus will provide Ukraine with 20 Bastion armored vehicles; the…
    Defence News
    3 hours ago

    NATO, Netherlands conduct Counter-Drone live-testing exercise

    NATO and the Netherlands have conducted a live-firing exercise in which over 30 companies and organizations showcased their counter-drone innovations.…
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    5 hours ago

    India unveils high-altitude helicopters

    India unveiled on Monday its first batch of locally-made attack helicopters, designed primarily for use in high-altitude areas like the…
    Defence News
    7 hours ago

    Japan, Germany Conduct first bilateral Air Force exercise

    The Japan Air Self Defense Force (JASDF) and German Air Force have conducted their first bilateral exercise in Japanese territory.…
    Defence News
    8 hours ago

    UN praises Türkiye-brokered grain deal’s effect on food prices

    AU.N. chief who was part of the grain deal mediated by Türkiye to export Ukrainian grain hailed the agreement for…
    Defence News
    9 hours ago

    Türkiye, Libya sign agreements on hydrocarbon, gas exploration

    Türkiye and Libya have signed memorandums of understanding (MoU) on hydrocarbon and gas exploration. Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu announced…
    Defence News
    20 hours ago

    New polar ring galaxy discovered

    Japanese astronomers report the detection of a new polar ring galaxy using the data obtained with the Subaru Telescope as…
    Defence News
    22 hours ago

    Analysis: Is Putin getting ready to start world war III against NATO?

    Will Putin Respond to Kherson Offensive in Ukraine By Striking NATO Territory? Russian President Vladimir Putin and Kremlin officials have…
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