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    21 seconds ago

    Artificial intelligence discovers secret equation for ‘weighing’ galaxy clusters

    Astrophysicists at the Institute for Advanced Study, the Flatiron Institute and their colleagues have leveraged artificial intelligence to uncover a…
    Defence News
    2 hours ago

    Türkiye and Egypt: Realignment shaping Middle East

    Considering the deep historical ties and cultural closeness between Türkiye and Egypt, it can be easily inferred that it will…
    Defence News
    4 hours ago

    Pentagon: Budget readies US for possible China confrontation

    The U.S. military must be ready for possible confrontation with China, the Pentagon’s leaders said Thursday, pushing Congress to approve…
    Defence News
    7 hours ago

    Egyptian Navy Receives Three Cyclone-Class Coastal Patrol Craft from US

    US Naval Forces Central Command (NAVCENT) has delivered three Cyclone-class coastal patrol vessels to the Egyptian Navy. A transfer ceremony…
    Defence News
    8 hours ago

    Ukraine Military Receives First Domestic 122mm Artillery Shells

    The Ukrainian Armed Forces has taken delivery of its first batch of 122-millimeter artillery shells featuring cutting-edge domestic components. The…
    Defence News
    9 hours ago

    Australian Troops Conduct Live-Fire Drill With New Boxer Combat Vehicles

    The Australian military has begun training troops in its new Boxer combat vehicles at the Wide Bay Training Area in…
    Defence News
    11 hours ago

    North Korea Test-Fires Multiple Cruise Missiles Amid South-US Drills

    North Korea test-fired multiple cruise missiles into the Sea of Japan on Wednesday, according to a report by the South…
    Defence News
    12 hours ago

    Turkish defense authorities ink deal for more mine clearing vehicles

    Asupply contract for two minesweeping vehicles, MEMATT, was signed between the Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB) and the state-owned Military…
    Defence News
    13 hours ago

    Türkiye’s renewed main battle tank Altay ready for army tests

    BMC Defense, responsible for developing Türkiye’s long-awaited main battle tank (MBT) Altay, is preparing to deliver the revamped tank, which…
    Defence News
    1 day ago

    Small stars may host bigger planets than previously thought

    Stars with less than half the mass of our sun are able to host giant Jupiter-style planets, in conflict with…
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