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About Us


M5 Magazine is Turkey’s only and most well-established publication in the field of defense and strategy since 1974.


M5, which supported the national defense moves in response to the embargo processes after the Cyprus Peace Operation during its establishment, and then carried out important works to announce the developments in the field of defense on a global scale, cooperates with international institutions and media organs in order to increase Turkey’s regional and global effectiveness.


M5, which became a brand in the field of defense and strategy in 46 years and took a break from its broadcasting life in the early 2000s, returned to broadcasting life in 2017 with the initiative of journalist Abdülkadir ÖZKAN. Setting off with a new synergy, M5, unlike its stakeholders, continued to maintain its difference in the sector thanks to its analyzes that conveyed the big breakthroughs in the Turkish defense industry and strategic developments related to defense.


Publication Policy

M5 Magazine acts with a publishing mission that aims to develop young people in defense technologies and strategic thinking, to promote Turkey’s national and domestic defense industry moves and large, medium and small-scale enterprises producing in this field on a global scale.


M5 acts with the aim of being a think tank that offers foreign policy, country analysis/reporting, current developments, short, medium and long-term strategy and security perspectives as well as military technologies.


M5 continues to be the leading brand in the field of Turkish defense industry and security policies. He continues his broadcasting life under the editor-in-chief of the experienced journalist Ardan Zentürk.

Chairman Of the Board of Directors
Abdülkadir Özkan

Ardan Zentürk

Publication Consultant
Gökhan Ertaş

News Center
Abdullah Şentürk

Ankara Temsilcisi
Yusuf Alabarda

Washington DC Representative
Anıl Sural

News Center
Haber Merkezi İletişim
Ela Türkmen
Abdullah Şentürk
Gökhan Ertaş
Adem Kılıç

S. Yazı İşleri Müdürü
Murat D. Erker

Advisory Committee
Em. Tümgeneral Beyazıt Karataş
Prof. Dr. Mesut Hakkı Caşın
Prof. Dr. Turan Erol
Prof. Dr. Cengiz Şişman

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