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Brazil seeks 155mm SPH, Nexter’s Caesar and BAE’s Archer stand out

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 A little more than a year after the announcement of the directive to start the 155 mm Wheeled Self-Propelled Combat Vehicle project, in July 2021, the Logistics Command of the Brazilian Army took another important step in this program by announcing publicly the launch of the RFI /RFQ on 15  August.

This document and its two annexes are intended to legally allow the acquisition by international tender of 36,155 mm self-propelled howitzers.

This amount would be sufficient for three Divisional Artillery [DA] groups or mechanized brigades currently undergoing rearmament by the Guaraní Army Strategic Program, which allows the destruction of targets at distances of up to forty [40] kilometers [km] by using conventional and/or smart munitions with extended range capability.

As part of the EEP Guaraní, this initiative also has the support of the Field Artillery System Strategic Subprogram [SPrg EE SAC] of the Strategic Program to Achieve Full Operational Capability [OCOP].

The public consultation or “bid request” is scheduled between August 17 and November 10 to consult the national and international market on the capability to deliver weapon systems for the Self-Propelled Armored Fighting Vehicle 155 mm Wheeled Observer [VBCOAP 155 mm SR] project.

The purpose of consultation 01/2022 is to refine and clarify the descriptions contained in the operational requirements [EB20-RO-04.021] and the technical, logistical, and industrial requirements [EB20-RTLI-04.010] approved in April this year, and to carry out comprehensive price research.

This process will ultimately result in two contracts, one for the purchase of two units for testing and evaluation, and the second to define the purchase of a further 34 units over a delivery period of up to eight years.

Among the requirements to be met with this purchase is that of manufacturing its 155mm ammunition in Brazil, with ToT for intelligent guided munitions and related systems, something considered essential, as well as the integration of the weapon with the platform of wheels in Brazil, on a military truck type 6×6 or 8×8, up to a maximum limit of 21 tons for the complete set [ie theoretically transportable by Hercules C-130 or KC-390 Millennium].

Contracts should also provide for the necessary actions to enable the training of operations and maintenance personnel, the adaptation/building of infrastructure for this type of material that is new to the military, and the research and creation of doctrine with a view to the use of these 155 mm wheel rockets for at least 25 years.

Over the past 10 years, several manufacturers, realizing the Brazilian desire for this system, have offered their products to the Brazilian military.

Three of them stand out: the French Caesar from KNDS, presented in Brazil in association with Avibras Aerospace and Defense; Israel’s ATMOS from Elbit Systems presented to the military in conjunction with ARES Aerospace and Defense; and the British-Swedish Archer from BAE Systems.

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