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British Army awards contract to Thales for more NLAWs

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 Thales U.K., a business unit of France-based Thales technology company, was awarded a contract from the British Army for additional NLAW single-shot infantry anti-tank systems.

According to U.K. Defense Secretary Ben Wallace, the Ministry of Defense had signed a deal to start replenishing missile stocks run down by the supply of weapons to Ukraine.

Within the contract, British Army will receive 500 NLAW anti-tank weapons in 2023.

Wallace also said a further deal for thousands of weapons for Britain and other customers will be signed next year.

The NLAW is a single-shot infantry anti-tank system consisting of a disposable launcher preloaded with a single guided missile. NLAW utilizes predicted line-of-sight guidance and has overflown top and direct attack modes. It is easy to use, making it a valuable tank destroyer for light forces that operate dismounted in all environments, including built-up areas.

It also has night vision capability and is designed for all climate conditions and environments.

The British-supplied NLAW became one of the symbols of the Ukrainian Soldiers’ resilience in the war against the Russian occupiers, which began on February 24th. Official London handed over many anti-tank systems that helped stop the rapid invasion of Russian troops.

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