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Finnish 120 KRH 92 mortars used by Ukrainian army

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 Ukraine Weapons Tracker OSINT researchers spotted 120 KRH 92 mortars in the possession of the Ukrainian Defense Forces. A photo featuring the use of mortars was released on Twitter.

This regards to the heavy mortars of the Finnish Vammas. The use of these weapons is recorded for the first time. In addition, Finland hasn’t announced the transfer of these mortars.

“Troops of the Ukrainian Navy using a Finnish 120 Krh 85 92 120mm heavy mortar manufactured by Vammas — this is the first time these mortars are seen in Ukraine and like in other cases their delivery wasn’t announced by Finland,” Ukraine Weapons Tracker reports.

120 KRH 92 is a 120 mm mortar manufactured in Finland.

There are some units that have the old base plates and carriages. They are known as 120 KRH 92 76 and 120 KRH 92 85.

It is known that Finland has 698 120-mm 120 KRH 92 mortars in service, and 60 older 120 KRH 85 are used as training – saving the resources of newer systems.

As previously reported, Finnish instructors will train Ukrainian soldiers in Great Britain.

So far, 20 military personnel from Finland have been sent to the United Kingdom.

Finland provided military aid to Ukraine several times, but did not disclose its contents.

In general, it is known about seven packages of defense aid from Finland for a total amount of €88,16 million.

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