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German Navy completes acceptance trials for 127mm Vulcano ammunition

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 The German Navy and the German defense technology and procurement agency BAAINBw have completed acceptance trials of the new 127mm Vulcano ammunition.

The milestone means German Navy ships will be able to use the Leonardo-supplied ammo during operational tasks.

The acceptance trial took place off the north coast of Norway with Baden-Württemberg-class frigate FGS Rheinland-Pfalz hosting the demonstration of the precision of the new ammunition.

According to BAAINBw, the shooting was a success, as several Vulcano projectiles fired by the frigate struck just a few yards apart in the immediate vicinity of the target marker.

Now that the Vulcano has been approved for operational use, deliveries of additional ammunition will begin soon and are expected to be completed by the end of 2026.

While the ammunition is already equipping the newest class of frigates that have entered German Navy service – the F125 (or Baden-Württemberg-class), Vulcano will also be employed by the F126 frigates, the first of which is expected to be delivered by 2028.

Vulcano represents a family of ammunition, comprising unguided Ballistic Extended Range (BER) and guided Guided Long Range (GLR) ammunition for the 76mm, 127mm naval guns and 155mm land artillery systems.

Leonardo says the Vulcano 127 GLR offers long range, high accuracy fire support against stationary and moving point targets, including moving ships. GPS guidance and trajectory shaping capabilities enable the Vulcano 127 GLR to reach a maximum range over 80km while keeping an accuracy of less than 5m.

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