Germany handed over to Ukraine 3 additional Gepard SPAAG and 11 M113 APC - M5 Dergi
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Germany handed over to Ukraine 3 additional Gepard SPAAG and 11 M113 APC

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 The German government announced the transfer to Ukraine of three Gepard additional anti-aircraft self-propelled guns (SPAAG) and eleven M113 armored personnel carriers. This is stated on the website of the Federal Government.

It is noted that Germany provided 15 Gepard SPAAGs (three additional) and 44 M113 armored personnel carriers (11 additional).

The M113 armored personnel carriers are a part of assistance from Denmark. The modernization of armored vehicles is at the expense of Germany.

The report notes that, in addition, Germany plans to transfer the following ammunition:

  • 20 missile systems of 70 mm caliber on pickups with 2000 missiles and laser designators;
  • 1592 155mm projectiles;
  • 255 155mm Vulcano rounds;
  • 60,200 rounds of 40 mm caliber;
  • 6 loaders;
  • 40 antidrone devices;
  • 12 armored evacuation vehicles;
  • 30 MG3 machine guns for armored evacuation vehicles.

For security reasons, the technical features of some weapons are not disclosed.

Previously, Germany handed over 12 Gepard SPAAGs to Ukraine. Earlier, it was reported that, in general, 30 Gepard units should be transferred to Ukraine. The first anti-aircraft self-propelled artillery units arrived in Ukraine in July this year.

The Minister of Defense of Ukraine reported that tens of thousands of ammunition have already been received for this short-range air defense weapon.

These installations affect targets at a distance of 100 meters to 4 km. The crew consists of only 3 people: driver, commander and gunner.

The M113 is a US-tracked armored personnel carrier, which Ukraine receives from many partners.

The М113 is the primary tracked armored personnel carrier in service with the United States Army’s mechanized troops.

In its initial configuration, the М113 was armed with a 12.7 mm machine gun and equipped with a gasoline engine. Subsequently, it was modernized several times. Its crew consists of two people: a driver and a commander.

The М113 is able to carry a squad of up to 11 soldiers, as well as serve as the basis for several dozen specialized vehicles.

The M113 has a standard front-engine layout, with the engine compartment located in the right frontal part, the transmission compartment in the frontal part, the crew compartment in the frontal part on the left, and the combined combat and landing compartment in the aft part of the car.

The armored full of the M113 consists of a rigid box design.

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