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Pentagon to Restock Arms Depots for Israel Initially meant for Ukraine

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The Pentagon has agreed to an Israeli request to restock its arms depots in Israel as the country gears up for a ground invasion in Gaza — and a potential conflict with Hamas.

The US has been supplying Ukraine from those same stockpiles since early 2023, Axios reported, citing Israeli officials.

Emergency Request

Israel registered no objection earlier as the US began drawing from the stocks to supply Ukraine.

However, the situation changed following the Hamas attack on October 7.

Jerusalem requested restocking the depleted depots with tens of thousands of 155mm artillery shells as a possible emergency requirement, Axios wrote, citing Israeli officials.

US Stocks on Israeli Soil

The ammunition reserves were kept as part of a US agreement with Israel providing access to US military personnel.

Israel can use the stockpiles “during a war scenario in short order, with US approval,” according to the outlet.

Jerusalem previously accessed the stocks during its war with Lebanon in 2006 and the Gaza conflict in 2014.

No ‘Immediate’ Impact on Ukraine

The munitions will be sent to Israel in the “coming days,” Axios reported, citing a US official.

The diversion of artillery shells to Israel will have no immediate impact on Ukraine’s ability to fight Russian forces, according to the outlet.

However, the impact of a broader regional conflict is less clear.

“Following the horrific terrorist attacks in Israel, President Biden directed his team to ensure we are providing Israel what they need to defend themselves from terrorism while we also continue to provide weapons and equipment to help Ukraine in their fight for freedom. We can and are doing both,” Axios quoted National Security Council spokesperson Adrienne Watson as saying.

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