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Raytheon to upgrade Australia’s Collins-Class submarines

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Australia has awarded Raytheon a 322 million Australian dollars ($202.3 million) contract to provide in-service support for the Collins-class submarines of the Royal Australian Navy.

The company will work on the submarines’ combat system as Canberra transitions to nuclear-powered underwater vehicles.

The five-year contract will commence in 2026 and covers life-of-type extension, ongoing sustainment, and capability enhancements.

According to National Naval Shipbuilding Deputy Secretary Tony Dalton, upgrading the Collins-class submarines will provide the Australian Navy with a capability advantage against evolving threats.

It would also ensure that the fleet is ready to meet the challenges across various strategic environments.

“We are committed to working closely with industry to sustain our Collins-class submarines, an important task that currently supports over 1,600 jobs across South and West Australia,” Dalton said.

Collins-Class Submarine

The Royal Australian Navy’s Collins-class fleet consists of six Australian-built diesel-electric powered submarines first launched in 1993.

They boast a vast range of features, including highly automated controls, high shock resistance, high-performance hull form, and an efficient weapons handling and discharge system.

The vehicles can move silently underwater, reducing the risk of being detected and tracked by enemy anti-submarine systems.

Additionally, the Collins-class submarines have a sophisticated combat system that collects data through cutting-edge sensors, which it uses to launch and direct weapons.

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