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Royal Navy receives new REMUS 100 unmanned underwater vehicles

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 US-based defense and technologies company HII announced it delivered three REMUS 100 unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) to the United Kingdom’s Royal Navy.

With these new systems, the UK defense ministry has acquired a mix of REMUS 100s and REMUS 600s used for mine countermeasure operations over the last 20 years. The first two REMUS 100s, acquired in 2002, are still in operation today.

HII said the new systems would bring enhanced endurance and the latest generation of sensors and payloads, allowing for increased data quality and mission efficiency.

It is worth noting that the company announced the delivery of the new systems after the UK said in August this year it is donating six Remus 100 UUVs to Ukraine. It also said it would train Ukrainian personnel in Britain to use them in minehunting operations.

“We’re proud to continue our longstanding partnership with the UK Royal Navy,” said Duane Fotheringham, president of the Unmanned Systems business group at HII’s Mission Technologies division. “Our newest REMUS 100s will bolster their existing fleet with increased capability for the UK’s subsea autonomous operations.”

“On behalf of the frontline users, I’m delighted to accept into service this refresh of REMUS 100,” said Cmdr. Rory Armstrong, mine warfare lead at the UK Royal Navy Command Headquarters. “These vehicles represent an exciting evolution of our existing small AUV fleet and will make a valued contribution to the Royal Navy as a force for good both in home waters and on an expeditionary basis.”

The new REMUS 100 UUVs have advanced core electronics and endurance of up to 12 hours. HII says it has sold more than 600 UUVs to 30 countries worldwide, including 14 NATO member countries like the UK.

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