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Saab to deliver Carl-Gustaf ammunition, anti-tank weapon to US Military

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 Saab has received an $81.8 million contract from the US to manufacture and deliver Carl-Gustaf ammunition and AT4 anti-tank weapons.

The armaments will reportedly be used by the US Army, the US Special Operations Command, and the US Marine Corps.

According to the Swedish defense firm, the Carl-Gustaf and AT4 weapon systems will continue to provide American warfighters with “significant lethal overmatch” capability when engaging armored enemy units.

“We are proud to provide the US with a world-class, battlefield proven and effective multi-purpose shoulder fired capability (anti-armor, anti-structure, anti-personnel, and illumination),” Saab President Erik Smith said.

Deliveries of the ammunition and anti-tank weapon will begin in 2024.

Saab has also received numerous Carl-Gustaf orders from various armed forces around the world.

Last month, Norway signed a long-term contract with the Swedish company to supply ammunition for the latest variant of the weapon.

Saab has also been contracted to provide Lithuania with several Carl-Gustaf M4 recoilless weapons and ammunition.

The next-generation weapon will be used in anti-insurgency and peacekeeping missions, as well as traditional force-on-force conflicts in urban combat environments.

Abone Ol 

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Abone Ol 
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