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Saboteurs blew up Russian Ka-52 helicopters

Abone Ol 

 A massive explosion erupted at the Russian Naval Aviation air base in western Russia as saboteurs blew up Ka-52 Alligator attack helicopters.

Saboteurs reportedly have destroyed two Ka-52s, and two more were seriously damaged at the Ostrov airfield in Pskov lies 500 miles from Ukraine.

A little later was released minute video purportedly depicting the sabotage.

The short video depicts a man crouching alongside a Russian Ka-52, preparing what appears to be a bomb combining an MD-5M detonator with a VZD-6Ch mechanical fuze.

Russia is visually confirmed to have lost over 25% of its total operational Ka-52 helicopter fleet, according to the UK Ministry of Defense (MoD).

The last intelligence update said there had been at least 23 verified losses of Russia’s Ka-52 Alligator attack helicopter in Ukraine since the invasion.

According to open-source intel tracker Oryx, Russia has lost at least 25 Ka-52 Alligator attack helicopters since Russia’s unprovoked attack on Ukraine began on Feb. 24.

Abone Ol 

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Abone Ol 
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