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Saudi Arabia uses laser against Iranian drones

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 Saudi Arabia has deployed Silent Hunter laser air defense systems. The Silent Hunter laser systems are produced in the People’s Republic of China.

The Saudis acquire lasers to protect against reconnaissance UAVs and loitering munitions received by the Houthis from Iran.

The combat vehicle on the satellite image is the same as on the model of that version of the Silent Hunter laser air defense system, which was previously presented for Saudi Arabia at the exhibition.

The supply of the Silent Hunter laser system became known in March this year when the Saudi Ministry of Defense showcased a video with this laser.

This is an improved version of the 30-kilowatt low-altitude laser protection system, which is available in both stationary and mobile versions.

The Silent Hunter uses an electrically powered fiber-optic laser. The manufacturer claims that it has a maximum power of 30 to 100 kilowatts and a maximum range of four kilometers.

In Yemen, the Ansar Allah movement (Houthis) receives weapons from Iran, in particular, Shahed-136 kamikaze drones, which were designated Wa’id.

Recently, Lockheed Martin Corporation transferred the most powerful laser to date to the United States Department of Defense for testing. This 300 kW laser is ready for integration with US Department of Defense projects, including the US Army’s demonstration laser weapon system with the ability to protect against indirect fire.

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