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Taiwan OKs $419M jet repair deal with US

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Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense has approved a 12.84-billion New Taiwan dollar ($419 million) deal with the US to provide maintenance services for the island nation’s fighter aircraft fleet.

Around 9.9 billion New Taiwan dollars ($323 million) is allotted for spare parts, while the remaining 2.94 billion New Taiwan dollars ($95.9 million) will be used for nonstandard parts and aviation materials.

The agreement for spare parts will run through March 2028, while the other deal will end in June 2027.

Taiwan’s fighter jets have been flying numerous missions to secure its airspace and prepare for a potential Chinese invasion.

The missions have reportedly taken a heavy toll on the jets, thereby increasing the demand for spare parts.

Common Mission

Taiwanese jets regularly warn away Chinese jets entering its air defense identification zone without permission.

Earlier this year, the self-governing island scrambled fighter jets and activated its missile systems after 34 Chinese military aircraft and nine warships operated near its territory.

It also sent combat aircraft to warn 39 Chinese jets that illegally entered its southeastern air defense zone.

China maintains that Taiwan is part of its territory and it must be reunited by force, if necessary.

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