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The Armed Forces of Ukraine demonstrated the use of the British L119 howitzer

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 The Ukrainian servicemen released a video featuring the use of the British 105 mm L119 towed howitzer. Yuriy Mysiahin, Ukrainian Member of Parliament and volunteer, published the video.

His post mentions that this is one of the first videos capturing the front-line use of British light howitzers.

These artillery systems are transferred to Ukraine by Great Britain to strengthen the capabilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to resist a full-scale Russian attack.

In July, reports came out that the artillerymen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine started using 105 mm L119 howitzers. Videos featuring the artillery systems were released on social media.

The released footage reveals that the Ukrainian servicemen were initially conducting coordination at the training grounds.

During the training, the L119 towed howitzer crew is perfectly mastering the skills of deployment in a combat position, causing subsequent artillery fire damage to the enemy.

The Ukrainian gunners had also talked about the technical capabilities and features of the 105 mm towed howitzer. The commander of the gun, a soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, spoke on its advantages.

The British L119 towed howitzer is designed to support infantry, airborne troops, and assault teams.

The L119 is firing all standard NATO 105mm semi-fixed ammunition along with the special missiles. The maximum range of the shot, depending on the ammunition, can vary between 11,500 and 19,000 meters.

The howitzer is manually loaded and can effectively destroy lightly armored vehicles and infantry. It can be moved quickly and used to provide maximum firepower.

The L119 howitzer can be towed by the M1097 or M1152 military off-road vehicles (HMMWV).

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