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The Bundeswehr received robotic models of Russian tanks

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 The Armed forces of Germany received Robotic Enemy Vehicles that imitate the tanks of the Russian army for training.

The GaardTech company developed models of the T-90A, T-14 Armata, and other tanks for Germany.

“GaardTech has deployed the first Robotic Enemy Vehicles to the German Federal Armed Forces for testing and live fire employment in Germany,” the company stated.

In particular, the German military received models of the Russian T-14 main battle tank on the Armata tracked platform.

As of 2022, this tank is still in service with the Russian army.

In January 2022, the Australian company GaardTech signed a contract worth $385,000 to supply robotic models of Russian equipment for training in Europe.

GaardTec was founded by Army veterans in 2017 and manufactures a range of 2D metal silhouette targets as well as 3D models that simulate armored vehicles.

In 2021-2022, the Australian GaardTech expanded its line of models of Russian-Soviet military equipment.

Samples were presented, outwardly similar to the T-90, T-72, T-14 on the “Armata” platform, BMP-3, and BRDM. However, it is not necessary to talk about the complete similarity between real Russian-made tanks and BMPs.

It is worth noting that models for military training do not have to be exact copies. Mock-ups as close as possible to the original weapons are needed in the event of the need to mislead the enemy.

Training models should have the most important thing: infrared radiation for accurate training shooting at the range.

The Australian company’s models provide this feature, and they can also be used statically or equipped with internal robotic capabilities that allow the “enemy” to advance and “attack”.

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