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Ukraine to produce Bayraktar TB2’s fuselages, electronics and software

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 The Turkish company Baykar intends to build in Ukraine not only a plant for the production of Bayraktar TB2 attack drones but also a research center and an advanced production center. General Director Haluk Bayraktar told Taras Chmut about the investments of the Turkish company Baykar in Ukraine.

“We see Ukraine as our strategic partner. We have long-term plans for projects with Ukraine, and in fact, we had many projects. Baykar has started building a factory in Ukraine, a research center, and an advanced manufacturing center where we want to manufacture all systems.

Not only the fuselage but also the electronics, the software – everything we do here [in Turkey, ed.]. We had such a vision. In this regard, our investment plans are currently progressing. We are in the project planning stage for these deals. We also want to start real investments soon.

We already have a structure — a company in Ukraine. We already have a technical engineering team working to support Ukraine. But now we want to make Ukraine a production base. This is one of our ideals,” Haluk Bayraktar said.

Baykar’s director general also emphasized that no other country except Turkey has ever agreed to cooperate with Ukraine in the field of attack UAVs. Only Turkey agreed to work on this technology.

Last month, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine sent to the Verkhovna Rada a draft law that would allow the construction of a factory for the production and maintenance of drones by the company Baykar in Ukraine.

It is about the ratification of the agreement between Ukraine and Turkey on cooperation in the field of high technologies, aviation, and the space industry.

“Among other things, this will make it possible to build in Ukraine a factory for the production and maintenance of the famous Bayraktar drones,” said the Prime Minister of Ukraine.

The agreement between the governments of Ukraine and Turkey was signed by the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov and the Minister of Industry and Technology of Turkey Mustafa Varank in early February 2022.

This agreement should promote Ukrainian-Turkish cooperation in the development, production, and operation of the Bayraktar UAV. They also note that the agreement provides for the participation of Ukrainian specialists in the process of working on unmanned aerial vehicles.

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