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Ukraine will receive 225 high-precision Vulcano rounds

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 The German Federal Government issued a statement on the acquisition of 225 Vulcano projectiles for the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the EU.

These are precision artillery rounds that can destroy targets at a distance of up to 70-80 km. Such ammunition will strengthen Ukrainian 155mm caliber guns.

Vulcano is jointly developed by Leonardo and Diehl companies.

There is also an improved version of the munition – Vulcano GLR. Hit accuracy is achieved by combining an INS/GPS guidance system with a semi-active laser system. It works in the terminal stage of the flight and provides an additional possibility of hitting moving targets.

When firing with a barrel length of 52 caliber guns (Caesar type, Polish Krab or PzH 2000), targets can be hit at a distance of up to 70-80 km.

This type of projectile is compatible with any NATO artillery with a caliber of 155 mm. The charge mass is less than that of the classic 155 mm projectile, but characterized by a higher speed. In the GLR version it also has a programmable fuse, which increases the efficiency of fire.

What type of Vulcano will be received by Ukraine is unknown.

In the case of the Vulcano GLR, Ukraine will receive another type of precision artillery ammunition after the German SMArt anti-tank, the Swedish-French BONUS anti-tank (there is currently no final confirmation of their use) and the American high-precision Excalibur ammunition, which uses an INS/GPS system similar to the Vulcano GLR.

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