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Ukrainian Air Force adapted its aircraft to American GBU-39 bombs

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The Ukrainian Air Force adapted Soviet combat aircraft to use American GBU-39 bombs.

The publication, citing its sources, claims that the aircraft of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is already using GBU-39 small-sized guided bombs to attack Russian invaders.

An image of an aircraft armed with these bombs, mounted under the wing, has also been publicly available. On the body of one GBU-39, a retouched inscription and the date May 12, 2024, are visible.

According to estimates provided by the American publication, when GBU-39 bombs are used from aircraft, the success rate is 90%.

It is stated that these bombs were resistant to obstacles created by Russian electronic warfare systems. Their small sizes would complicate the detection and interception of these bombs by Russian air defense systems.


GBU-39/B Small Diameter Bomb (SDB) is an American light high-precision aircraft bomb that weighs 130 kilograms and has a diameter of about 190 mm and a length of about 1.8 m. The maximum range is up to 110 km, provided that it is dropped from a high altitude.

The bomb has wings released in flight, which significantly increases the range.

Керована авіаційна бомба GBU-39 сімейства SDB. Ілюстрація від Metrea Simulations

When diving at a target from a high altitude, the tungsten tip can penetrate concrete shelters. The firing system allows one to select an air burst before dropping and a delayed burst after impact.

The accuracy of the hit is achieved with the help of an onboard control system with an inertial system and GPS.

The GBU-39 is also part of the GLSDB munition, a combination of this bomb and the rocket engine from the M26 rocket for use with the HIMARS missile system. Thanks to the engine and wings, the GLSDB has a range of 150-160 kilometers.

The Ukrainian military has also used this weapon, but according to Western media, it was vulnerable to electronic interference and caused misses.

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