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Ukrainian military received SHERP the SHUTTLE landing boats

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 To perform tasks in the northern operation zone, the military received SHERP the SHUTTLE landing boats.

Recently, Lieutenant General Serhii Naev, Commander of the Joint Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, showcased the training of the riverboat division.

This division was created to provide support for troops in the riverside operational areas.

Small units of the river craft are designed to control water resources and to sustain maneuvers of forces and troops in threatening directions during combat missions.

In particular, this time, the training covered landing operations to capture important areas of the coast and assist troops advancing from another direction to destroy the enemy units.

According to the legend of training, the first advanced detachments are landing on the shore, and capturing certain frontiers.

Following them, the main troops proceed with landing at a fast pace, which is supported by the operational cover forces.

They neutralize the potential anti-landing defense of the enemy and carry out a decisive offensive on the shore.

The military engaged SHERP the SHUTTLE landing boats to land on the shore.

SHERP boats assist in quickly achieving the destination.

Characteristics of SHERP the SHUTTLE:

  • Load capacity: 5,000 kg
  • Maximum speed: 60 km/h
  • Maximum loaded boat speed: 35 km/h
  • Maximum payload: 8,000kg
  • Fuel tank: 1100 l
  • Operational depth: 1 m
  • Engines: Two Mercury F300

The Ukrainian military installed two Browning M2 heavy machine guns on the boat.

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