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Japan leads US, India, Australia joint naval drill in Philippine Sea

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The Japanese Maritime Forces led this year’s joint naval exercise with the American, Indian, and Australian naval forces, boosting the collective planning and employment of advanced warfare tactics among the four nations.

The maritime exercise, Malabar 2022, featured sea drills including high-end tactical training, submarine integration, anti-submarine warfare, and maritime interdiction operations.

Ships and aircraft of the four participating nations also engaged in air defense exercises, replenishment-at-sea operations, gunnery drills, and joint warfighting scenarios.

Crucial for Operations in Indo-Pacific
“Through this high-end tactical exercise, we were able to improve our tactical capabilities and strengthen cooperation with the US, India, and Australian navies, thereby contributing to the creation of a desirable security environment for Japan,” Japanese Rear Admiral Ikeuchi Izuru said.

“I also believe that this exercise embodied the firm and united will of the four countries toward the realization of a “Free and Open Indo-Pacific.”

The Malabar exercise is crucial for the countries, who routinely operate together in the Indo-Pacific region.

“This exercise represents an outstanding opportunity for our like-minded maritime forces to work together, demonstrating our shared commitment to the region and collaborative approach toward security and stability,” US Rear Admiral Michael Donnelly said.

Each of the four nations rotates the leadership of the annual maritime exercise. Last year, the US Navy hosted Malabar 2021 in the Bay of Bengal.

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