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UK Kicks off ‘Joint Warrior’ exercise with nine nations, 11,000 Troops

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The UK has kicked off its “biggest” military exercise involving more than 11,000 troops and military assets from nine other nations.

Dubbed “Joint Warrior,” the drill will see participants waging a “12-day war” around the British Isles to demonstrate their capabilities and enhance interoperability.

More than 20 warships and submarines, led by seven Royal Navy warships, will try to neutralize virtual and live aerial assets to test how they respond to various threats.

Vessels from the US, Norway, Poland, Germany, Canada, Denmark, France, Latvia, and the Netherlands will showcase their defense capabilities.

Aircraft such as Typhoon jets, long-range patrol aircraft, and drones will also participate in the exercise.

They are expected to utilize their full capabilities to hunt down live submarines.

“Exercise Joint Warrior is a fantastic opportunity to fully demonstrate HMS Kent’s wide-ranging capabilities in close consort with other Royal Navy units, ground units, air assets, and multinational forces,” Portsmouth-based frigate commanding officer Jez Brettell said.

He further stated that the drill is “ideally timed to consolidate our training … so that we are ready for anything that may follow.

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