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    46 mins ago

    Türkiye to take measures against Israel unless cease-fire achieved

    ‘These measures, approved by our president, will be implemented step by step, and without delay. These measures will be shared…
    11 hours ago

    The universe’s accelerated expansion might be slowing down

    The universe is still expanding at an accelerating rate, but it may have slowed down recently compared to a few…
    13 hours ago

    Analysis: How binding are token UN Security Council resolutions?

    There is potentially a big political cost to pay, in terms of international reputation, for not abiding by UN texts…
    15 hours ago

    Intel: Ukraine to Destroy Bridge Linking Russia to Crimea by Mid-2024

    Ukraine plans to blow up the bridge connecting Russia to Crimea by the first half of 2024 to strengthen its…
    18 hours ago

    Russian military receives additional BMP-3 fighting vehicles

    Rostec, a large Russian defense conglomerate, has announced the delivery of a new batch of BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs)…
    19 hours ago

    Rheinmetall to supply Spain with 104,000 mortar rounds

    Rheinmetall has signed a double-digit million euro deal with Spain to supply the Spanish Army with 104,000 mortar rounds. The…




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