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Altun: Türkiye contributes to resolution of regional crises

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Türkiye continues to contribute to resolving regional crises and global conflicts, Communications Director Fahrettin Altun said

Speaking at the Türkiye National Branding Forum, Altun said: “Our world is going through serious tests and serious challenges today. Türkiye, which has successfully passed through these global tests, also contributes to the resolution of regional crises and global conflicts.”

In the era of global uncertainty, Türkiye not only stands out as “an island of stability but also contributes to world peace as a stabilizing power,” Altun added.

“We are proud to provide hope all over the world with Ankara’s mediation efforts in the Russia-Ukraine war and the grain deal providing a solution to the food crisis,” he added.

With its principled foreign policy, Ankara has become a hub for global peace and stability, he said, adding that the “models of Türkiye, which we built from diplomacy to humanitarian aid, from health to the environment, have set an example to the world today.”

With its strong steps, Türkiye is a regional power and a global player, he said, adding that as the Communications Directorate, “we carry out our activities to transform this power of our country into a reputable and reliable brand and to make it sustainable.”

Türkiye’s “biggest and most powerful brand” is President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, he said, adding that they are striving to make the Turkish communication model an exemplary initiative for the world.

The directorate is working with all its strength to contribute to the building of a “more livable future with the peaceful and sustainable policies carried out by Türkiye” on a global scale, he said.

Also, it coordinates activities to strengthen the Turkish brand and increase its recognition abroad, he added.

The Türkiye National Branding Forum is being held by Türkiye’s Communications Directorate in Istanbul on Dec. 16-17.

Forty-four panelists from the public and private sectors and media professionals are attending the forum.

Organized on an international scale and a first in Türkiye, the forum aims to bring together national branding coordinators from different countries, senior officials from organizations that guide national brand indexes and EXPO representatives.

Abone Ol 

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