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Analysis: Gaza’s cost to the world

Abone Ol 

Israeli authorities and military forces, in violating every standard of international humanitarian law, are contributing to the erosion of the global system established after World War II, with Western support playing a key role

Israel has been bombing the Gaza Strip for almost two months, killing more than 15,000 Palestinians, most of whom are innocent children and women. In spite of calls and criticism from international organizations, hundreds of millions of people around the world and more than a hundred governments, Israel keeps committing atrocities.

The main reason why Israel continues to target innocent people and commit war crimes is the unconditional support of the majority of Western countries. When even looked at briefly, one can witness that Israel and its accomplices have crossed many redlines set by the basic human rights principles and norms of international law.

Human casualties

So far, at least 15,523 people have been killed and more than 41,000 individuals were wounded by Israeli forces. More than 6,600 of them are children and 4,300 of them are women. In other words, at least 70% of the killed persons are children and women. In addition, more than 6,800 persons are missing.

Furthermore, Israel has been targeting the occupied West Bank, too. So far, more than 254 people have been killed and more than 3,365 people have been injured by the Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank. That is, as claimed by Israeli and Western officials, Israel does not target Hamas only but all Palestinians, irrespective of their ideology, religion and age. Israeli forces have been indiscriminately killing not only Muslims but also Christians in Palestine. Israeli officials, politicians and even religious men insistently dehumanize Palestinians and ask their soldiers to do whatever they can.

However, not only more than 15,000 Palestinians, but humanity, human dignity, mercy and compassion were also killed in Gaza. Therefore, the whole world has been opposing these atrocities. That is why millions of conscientious Westerners are protesting their governments for their unconditional support of Israeli crimes. Israeli officials may not be aware of the result of their atrocities, but it is clear that they are killing humanity in their own country. Those who become part of these atrocities cannot continue their lives without experiencing deep psychological problems. The murdered innocents will haunt the murderers in their dreams.

Violated norms

Israeli officials and forces have been violating all norms and rules of international humanitarian law. Israel and its Western supporters have totally destroyed the international system established after World War II.

They cannot claim any violation of international law by any other state, especially in the Global South. In particular, the founder of the current global system, the United States, cannot assert the rules of the system anymore. After Israel has committed all these war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide in Gaza with the full support of the Western governments, from now on, no state voluntarily wants to implement any charter, covenant or convention of any international organization.

By targeting and killing thousands of innocent civilians, including newborn babies, children and the elderly, who cannot pose a threat to anyone, Israel has successfully mobilized the world’s public opinion against its atrocities. By targeting and killing the U.N. officials and humanitarian workers, Israel has shown to the world that it does not respect the U.N. and international regimes. By bombing hospitals, ambulances, schools (including the U.N. schools), mosques and churches (yes, Christian churches), Israel has demonstrated to the world that it does not respect any religion or humanitarian value.

By providing any military assistance, including smart ammunition, advanced weapons and effective bombs, Western countries, including the U.S., the United Kingdom, Germany and France, are complicit in these crimes committed by Israel. By defending any Israeli atrocity, the Western countries have been paving the way for the total collapse of the system and they cannot force others to abide by the rules of international organizations anymore. Not only the majority of the Western governments, but also most media platforms, academic institutions, universities and the so-called civil organizations have lost their moral superiority. Many so-called and once-respected scholars and philosophers have turned into racist charlatans.

The Global South will not forget what is going on today in Gaza. There is no doubt that anti-Western political activities will increase in the Global South in the near future. Non-Western countries are all aware that the West is still not ready to recognize the equality of states and peoples. They know well that Gaza is not an exception and the fate of Gaza is the fate of all of them.

Nelson Mandela, the first president of independent South Africa, the legendary African leader and a pioneer of the anti-imperialist and anti-apartheid struggle, said, “We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians.”

Source: Daily Sabah

Abone Ol 

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Abone Ol 
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