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Analysis: Hamas triggered it, now nothing will be the same

Abone Ol 

With Hamas’ triggering, the dark and sinister elements of the planet have been exposed. Today’s world will not be like yesterday’s world.

The era of a unipolar world has become a thing of the past as Western values decline. The international media monopoly, predominantly controlled by the United States and the Zionists, struggles to conceal the ongoing Israeli massacres as global public opinion begins to scrutinize the falsehoods propagated by the two-century-old Western colonial empire.

The open genocide and brutality of Israel against the Palestinian people have brought its 75-year occupation of Palestine to the agenda, and cast doubt on its presence in the world. The tomorrow of Israel will be no better than it is today.

It was never more apparent in past decades that Western states are in the grip of Zionism. They cannot even call for a cease-fire in the face of a massacre. Only Spain, Italy and the former British colonies of Scotland and Ireland have been able to take a stand worthy of human dignity.

While millions of conscientious people in all Western capitals support Palestine, we have seen how far most Western governments have moved away from human dignity in the hands of desperate rulers who have lost the political future of their countries to a tiny number of Zionists.

A handful of Hamas mujahideen successfully conveyed the Palestinian cause to millions of individuals spanning diverse religious, cultural and ethnic backgrounds while unmasking the human rights hypocrisy of Western powers. It enabled humanity, which had nothing left to do than consumption, to side with the oppressed and the righteous. In other words, it reminded all the people of the world of conscience and humanity.

Main global challenges for Muslims

Palestinian civilian casualties have reached an enormous number. During this extraordinarily depressing period, we all realized nothing is more humiliating than despair.

Hamas has proven that Israel and the brutal colonialist West behind it do not care about any laws of war. When their enemies are Muslims, they have no sensitivity to protect children, women, patients, the wounded or civilians. They show no regard for bombing hospitals, schools, mosques, and churches.

During this very unfortunate massacre, not only did we understand that Zionism is a religious heresy, but we also realized that the administrations of the U.S., Britain and Germany have no moral values and no moral code. It is the law of the jungle – the strong rules the weak, and the big fish swallows the small one. This is the message Western civilization delivers to the peoples of the globe. It has been revealed how empty the human rights discourse is. The streets of Western countries react most to this situation.

Muslim peoples globally will have to take measures against two types of despair they face: How they are represented at the state level and how to get stronger. Unfortunately, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s resilience as the leader of a Muslim country has not been matched by the leaders of countries with blood ties to the Palestinians.

While President Erdoğan described Israel’s actions as genocide, an atrocity a and massacre, Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) was content to speak of “Israeli operations.” Emboldened by this timidity, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu publicly threatened the leaders of Arab countries. “Keep quiet if you don’t want to lose your seats,” he said bluntly. Not a single Arab leader has responded to this humiliating challenge, not even with a sentence.

Two-state solution was never so close

Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan made a striking comment at the beginning. Noting that human dignity can no longer bear the insanity of Israel, he said there would either be a big war or a great peace. He also added that liars’ lives are short.

Eventually, the likelihood of the two-state solution being brought to the negotiating table will be there. Since Israel cannot kill 2.5 million people en mass, it will not be able to achieve the success it dreams of. Meanwhile, Hamas persists in its resilient resistance. Moral superiority and global public support align with Palestine, as it adheres to the rules of warfare while defending its own land.

Palestine will not be ruled by the puppet regime of Mahmoud Abbas, the current head of the State of Palestine. Abbas displays a lack of initiative in safeguarding the rights of his nation in the West Bank. Hamas will take power also in the West Bank in the first election.

The independent development and advancement of Türkiye served as a catalyst for the Arab Spring. Today, President Erdoğan, having taken a clear stance in favor of the oppressed and against the oppressor in front of the eyes of the whole world, can influence the Arab streets to seek independence for the second time.

The United States, Russia, Türkiye, China and the EU members support a two-state solution. The two-state formulation has never been so high on the world agenda.

Two centuries ago in the West, white Christians fought against the papacy and the Inquisition to establish modern Western civilization. The disconnection of their state from religion allowed Zionism to turn most Western states into a Jewish apartheid regime.

From now on, white Christians have a new battle ahead of them: to get rid of the enslavement of Zionism.

With the triggering of Hamas, the dark and sinister elements of the planet have been exposed. Today’s world will not be like yesterday’s world. Not only will the unipolar world end, but we will witness the dawn of a new era.

While perverse Zionists and Evangelists waited for the Messiah, a handful of Hamas resisters ignited the radical change in the universe. I wish God’s mercy to each of our Palestinian martyrs. Their glory will live on as long as the world endures.

Source: Daily Sabah / İhsan Aktaş

Abone Ol 

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Abone Ol 
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