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Analysis: While US gradually moves toward becoming Jewish apartheid

Abone Ol 

The ‘Zionist gang,’ which has wrapped the governments of all countries like an octopus, does not allow the rulers of any state to vote with their free will. This is not a sustainable situation for Western Christians.

While Israel’s attack on Gaza brought its 75 years of occupation into question, this attack has also opened up many other issues to discussion.

Primarily, it reminded us again, to the people globally who have veered away from a meaningful purpose and left only with the pursuit of consumption, to be conscientious, encouraging us to align with specific causes, to take a stance either in opposition or support, to advocate for justice, and to stand against oppression.

On the other hand, the whole world has witnessed again that Israel has been occupying Palestinian territories for 75 years. It also revealed the relationship between Christians and Jews throughout history, which was obscured by the events during Adolf Hitler’s leadership.

As historians know, Judaism has been a problem for Christians throughout history. Jews lived in Christian cities. They were often treated as half-human and half-animal on the streets of Rome, London, Paris or Barcelona. Throughout the Middle Ages, they were exiled, ostracized and marginalized, and where urban life was allowed, in cities like Rome and Venice, they were confined to ghettos.

Contemporary reflections on Jewish history often focus on the tragic events of the Holocaust, particularly the atrocities committed by Hitler, including the use of gas chambers. Secondly, everybody recalls the occupation and war in Palestine. However, all the suffering and enslavement that Jews have experienced throughout history was a problem between them and Christians.

Christians, from liberation back to enslavement

After a prolonged conflict between Western science and Christianity, Christians gained freedom from the Inquisition and papal control, paving the way for the emergence of a modern world in the West. This liberation marked the release from the constraints imposed by religious institutions, inquisitions, churches and ecclesiastical persecutions, leading Christians toward a trajectory of secularism.

Some two centuries later, collective consciousness recognizes that the Christians, whites, Westerners, Americans, French and British who were liberated from the grip of the church are enslaved again by the “Zionist gang.”

Today, the Israeli army killed at least 11,500 people, including more than 4,700 children, through bombardments and ground invasions in Palestine. Just like the oppression and genocide that Jews have been subjected to throughout history.

Normally, rulers of a democratic country with a parliament who listen to the people’s voice would react to this situation. But Israel, like Vlad the Impaler, kills anyone and everyone it comes across. It brutally kills babies and children without distinction, demolishes hospitals … It destroys everything that Westerners have put forward in 200 years in the name of values and humanity.

All Western rulers silenced by Zionists

The United States cannot make a sound out of fear. British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, with ties to colonial history, refrains from speaking, possibly due to concerns. Germany is a nation besieged by the Zionists, and its own people are oppressed, and they cannot stand up for justice either. Moreover, many other European countries are in the same situation.

Is Zionism a state, a media monopoly or a financial monopoly? This Zionist gang, which has wrapped the governments of all countries like an octopus, does not allow the rulers of any state to vote with their free will.

A million people marched in the streets of Britain, showing their will against Israel. But when you look at the politicians, it is as if they are all under a Zionist threat or as if they came from outer space. They remain insensitive to this voice. When all hopes are directed to the U.S., as it is the only power that can eliminate injustice alone, we notice it also acts just like the Zionists.

Or if you look at France, when President Emmanuel Macron says a word against tiny Israel, he has to hear a mouthful of insults and bad words. Or Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu addresses Muslim countries and Arab leaders and threatens them: “If you want to protect your interests, stay silent!”

Is Zionist siege sustainable?

So, what kind of power is this? What do the Western white Christians think about this? Or can non-Zionist Jews see this danger? Western states, which were freed from the shackles of the Inquisition and the Papacy some 200 years ago, are today, one by one, under the monopoly of a Zionist-perverted religious group.

This is not a sustainable situation for Western Christians, and sooner or later, they will rebel against it. Hamas’ attack on Israel and Israel’s ruthless massacre of civilians without any military success, revealing to the world a wilder brutality than in the 1940s, emerged like a litmus test and caused all nations to question their own governments.

How long will the people of the world remain silent when the Jewish community of 15 million people is destroying the fate of the whole world and dragging humanity into war because of their perverted beliefs?

This threat is most striking in the U.S., which today resembles a Jewish Zionist apartheid regime.

Let’s await what the Almighty will do…

Abone Ol 

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Abone Ol 
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