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Asian country orders ‘several dozen’ IAI Counter-Drone systems

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An unspecified Asian country has contracted Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) to supply DroneGuard ComJam counter-drone systems.

The company will supply “several dozen” systems to the client for an undisclosed price.

Developed by IAI’s ELTA Division, the system detects drones from a distance of up to five kilometers (three miles) through a platform communication protocol.

Disrupts Drone Communication, Navigation

It then identifies the unmanned aerial system’s (UAS) mode of operation to disrupt its communication and navigation data links with a “high spectral purity directional narrow-beam,” the company states.

DroneGuard can jam multiple drones simultaneously without disrupting “civilian communications and GPS in the same area,” the firm claims.

The rugged and compact system comprises two subsystems: a passive radio frequency detection element and an active defeat (jammer) element.

The subsystems are capable of functioning independently. However, optimal performance is achieved while operating together.

Mobile System

The system can carry a payload of up to 28 kilograms (62 pounds) and be deployed on a vehicle, structure, or the ground.

DroneGuard provides 360-degree coverage and is ideal to protect borders, large events, airports, and other critical infrastructure.

“Unauthorized border penetration by hostile UAS, or the ability to target maneuvering forces or crowded areas, could cause significant harm,” vice president and general manager of the IAI/ELTA Intelligence, Communications & EW Division Adi Dulberg said.

“Our customer’s ability to defend against such threats will be significantly enhanced by the long-range detection and disruption capabilities that DroneGuard ComJam delivers.”

Abone Ol 

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