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Azerbaijan condemns France’s plans to sign military cooperation deal with Armenia

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Efforts to supply Armenia with weaponry ‘unacceptable,’ says Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry.

Azerbaijan on Wednesday condemned France’s plans to sign an agreement that would allow the delivery of military equipment to Armenia.

“The efforts to supply Armenia with weaponry in every possible way and the instigation of this country for another aggression and military adventure by France are unacceptable,” an Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry statement said.

It also condemned the “unfounded allegations” made against Baku by French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna during her visit to Armenia on Tuesday.

Colonna’s claim that Armenian residents, who voluntarily relocated from the region, were “forcibly displaced without any proof, as well as opposing to the position of the UN, the International Committee of the Red Cross, UN High Commissioner for Refugees and other international organizations are intended to mislead the international community,” the ministry said.

Speaking at a news conference in Yerevan on Tuesday, Colonna said France has agreed to sign an agreement with Armenia to provide military equipment.

She said that she cannot give details but a “number of issues have already been agreed between Paris and Yerevan.”

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