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Babcock signs contract to build frigates for Poland

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Poland has awarded UK-based defense firm Babcock International two additional contracts for the MIECZNIK “Swordfish” frigate program.

The agreement includes a class design contract and transfer of knowledge and technology (TOKAT) framework contract to support further development of the frigate project and deliver it to schedule.

The first contract covers delivery of the design documentation package to the Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa (PGZ)-MIECZNIK consortium for the Classification Authority to conduct the steel-cutting for Ship 1 by 2023.

The TOKAT framework contract includes technology and engineering expertise sharing, human resources development, staff training, and infrastructure upgrade plans with PGZ and Remontowa Shipbuilding to improve their shipyards for the program.

“I am delighted with the progress on the Polish MIECZNIK programme,” Babcock CEO David Lockwood said.

“Our work in Poland builds on the shared interests of the NATO countries. Babcock will deliver first-class frigates that will contribute significantly to the sovereign defence capability in Poland,” he added.

‘Industrial Relationship’

Earlier this year, the Polish Armaments Agency tapped Babcock to produce a platform as the basis for MIECZNIK’s future vessels. PGZ selected the company’s Arrowhead 140 frigate (AH140) design.

“As well as delivering a first-class frigate that will contribute significantly to the sovereign defence capability of Poland, this is a demonstrable commitment to a long-term industrial relationship between the UK and Poland,” Lockwood said.

The construction and associated works for the frigates will take place at Polish shipyards and will include staffing from the local workforce, suppliers, and Babcock’s supply chain.

Polish Defense Modernization

Babcock announced the two contracts during the 30th International Defence Industry Exhibition MSPO in Kielce, Poland. Polish Defence Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Mariusz Błaszczak also signed other agreements to modernize the country’s armed forces.

During the event, Poland ordered main battle tanks, self-propelled artillery, defense systems, command cabins, infantry vehicles, communications technology, and equipment for troops.

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