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BAE Pairs amphibious combat vehicle with ground robot

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BAE Systems recently demonstrated the teaming of the Amphibious Combat Vehicle (ACV) C4/UAS variant with an IAI/ELTA Systems Rex MK II unmanned infantry combat support system.

The manned-unmanned pairing enhances the platform’s “mission parameters and tactical sphere” while decreasing the risk to human life in an uncertain environment, according to BAE Systems.

“This is an exciting next chapter to show the growth potential of the ACV C4UAS,” BAE vice president Garrett Lacaillade said.

“Pairing an unmanned system like the Rex provides increased situational awareness, supports mission success, and reduces the risk to our Marines.”

Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicle Program

BAE integrated the C4/UAS (Command, Control, Communication, and Computers/Uncrewed Aerial Systems) payload with the ACV as part of a US Marine Corps study.

The ACV C4/UAS is intended to provide the Marines with the capabilities “to observe their surroundings, collect and integrate information, and sense new targets over the horizon.”

In the next step, the Marine Corps will test the platform under the advanced reconnaissance vehicle program as a possible replacement for the aging light armored vehicle used primarily for mobile reconnaissance.

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