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BAE System tests enhanced laser kits on armored vehicles

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BAE Systems has completed a successful test of its APKWS laser-guidance kits, showcasing the weapon’s versatility and accuracy in engaging a broad set of targets.

The rockets went “three on three against fortified targets,” firing direct shots and defeating well-armored targets such as a steel plate and an armored military vehicle.

“We’re giving our customers more in-mission options for precision strikes against tougher targets,” BAE program manager Sam Kirsh said.

“APKWS guidance kits with HEAT/APAM [High-Explosive Anti-Tank Anti-Personnel Anti-Materiel] warheads provide a low-cost, lightweight, easy-to-deploy strike capability against armored and unarmored targets.”

Redefined Precision

BAE’s APKW laser-guidance kit transforms an unguided 2.75-inch (70 millimeters) rocket into smart munitions “that gives rotary- and fixed-wing military aircraft a low-cost surgical strike capability.”

“Our guidance section is designed to lock onto targets from over 3 kilometers away, keeping your aircraft and laser designators at a safe distance from threats,” BAE said.

The lightweight guidance kit features a flexible and modular design that allows for easy installation on a wide variety of platforms: standard rocket motor, firing platform, or fire control system.

As a combat-proven weapon, the APKW laser-guidance kit has been utilized across all US military branches and is ready to arm the forces of American allies through the foreign military sales program.

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