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BAE Systems boosts F-15 electronic warfare system production

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BAE Systems has received a contract from Boeing to produce additional Eagle Passive Active Warning Survivability Systems (EPAWSS) for US F-15E and F-15EX Eagle aircraft.

This contract, which brings the total contract value for EPAWSS production to $351m, will provide state state-of-the-art situational awareness and self-defence capabilities.

The Low Rate Initial Production (LRIP) lot 2 contracts will initiate the production of additional EPAWSS systems and spares and the delivery of units for test and development.

Under the contract, Boeing will continue to install EPAWSS on new F-15EXs and existing F-15Es – providing the jets with critical electromagnetic capabilities.

“EPAWSS production is growing as the Department of Defense signals the long-term importance of F-15s to the strategic fleet,” said Bridget McDermott, EPAWSS LRIP program director at BAE Systems. “These aircraft bring speed, maneuverability, and payload to the fight, and now with EPAWSS, they can better detect and protect against modern threats.”

LRIP lot 2 production follows BAE Systems’ successful delivery of the latest EPAWSS flight bundle software package, underscoring the company’s ability to rapidly update EPAWSS in the field and quickly deliver new capabilities to address new threats. The company’s test team has also demonstrated excellent radar-warning, geolocation, and countermeasure performance at large-force exercises, field demonstrations, and in laboratory settings where EPAWSS exceeded expectations in unique signal-dense environments.

In July, after multiple successful test flights, exercises, and software updates, Boeing started EPAWSS modifications on two operational US Air Force F-15Es. This achievement is a major milestone for USAF, Boeing, and BAE Systems, and significantly improves the survivability and combat effectiveness of the F-15 against advanced air defence systems in contested environments.

EPAWSS is a pillar of BAE Systems’ EWX Extreme Electronic Warfare 2.0 strategy. The system’s development work supports the company’s broader EW portfolio of products, including its innovative Storm EWTM Modules, which accelerate the delivery of EW capabilities to the global fleet.

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