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BAE Systems Delivers ACV-30 Test Vehicle to US Marine Corps

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BAE Systems has delivered the first test vehicle of the Amphibious Combat Vehicle 30mm Cannon (ACV-30) variant to the US Marine Corps.

The delivery is part of an $88-million deal in 2022 covering the initial phase of the ACV-30 initiative, focusing on research, development, testing, and evaluation of the new variant.

The ACV-30 is the third variant of the assault vehicle, equipped with a stabilized, medium-caliber Remote Turret System designed to provide more room for troops and payload while keeping its lethality, mobility, and protection.

BAE Systems is currently in full-rate production of the ACV’s Personnel and Command and Control variants. A Recovery variant, which will provide maintenance, recovery, and direct field support, is being developed.

Work for the ACV’s production and support is taking place in Virginia, California, Michigan, South Carolina, and Pennsylvania.

The Amphibious Asset

Designed by Iveco and manufactured in tandem with BAE Systems, the ACV is an 8-wheel drive assault vehicle capable of operating in open-ocean environments.

The first units entered initial operational capability in 2021 following a $184-million contract to deliver 36 ACVs to the force.

The ACVs were conceptualized to replace the Marine Corps’ Assault Amphibious Vehicles, which have been in service since 1972

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