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BAE Systems to Develop Electronic Warfare Solutions for US Navy

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BAE Systems has secured a $5-million contract to develop electronic warfare solutions for the US Navy’s Common-architecture Amplifier for Low-cost, Efficient, SWaP-Constrained Environments (COALESCE) program.

Under the agreement, the company’s research and development segment FAST Labs will produce advanced monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MIMICs) based on Gallium Nitride and corresponding module electronics.

The circuit is commonly used for amplifying power and the mixing of microwave and frequency switching applications.

Closing the Gap in Electronics

For the navy, the MIMICs will be configured as an efficient, high-powered amplifier module that uses radio frequency to serve as a small form factor for the service’s payloads, such as radars and communication systems.

BAE Systems will provide commercially-available materials for the initiative. These components will support the resulting solutions in challenging operational scenarios.

Once completed, the project is expected to provide longer range and greater effectiveness for the US Department of Defense’s maritime electronic warfare capabilities.

Work for the MIMICs will be facilitated at BAE Systems Nashua Microelectronics Center Foundry in New Hampshire.

“The COALESCE program closes the gap between commercial electronics and customized electronics to meet the Department of Defense’s space and power requirements and enable next-generation solutions,” FAST Labs Technology Development Manager Ben McMahon stated.

“Together with the Office of Naval Research, we will deliver these electronic solutions to increase survivability for our warfighters.”

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