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BAE Systems Unveils New Adaptable Strike Frigate Concept

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BAE Systems has introduced its Adaptable Strike Frigate (ASF) concept as part of the Royal Navy’s Type 32 Frigate program.

Unveiled during the recent Euronaval exhibition in Paris, the platform would reportedly center around modularity and integrating various autonomous systems.

It will have an estimated length of 130 meters (426 feet) and weighs 6,000 tons.

The British defense firm said it is carefully considering the fluctuations in international financial sustainability in designing and meeting the ship’s needs.

“We see autonomous systems entering the battle space and bringing additional complexity, which can only be countered with additional mass.” BAE Systems official Steve Hart explained. “We looked at how you deliver that flexibility, complexity, to the battle space, to achieve warfare effect.”

Once developed, the ASF will operate independently or as part of the Royal Navy’s littoral response group.

‘Need for Adaptable Capability’

BAE Systems’ new ASF will be built in consideration of the growing need for adaptable capability to enable navies to respond to threats more efficiently.

The company said it has collaborated with other defense firms in developing the ASF concept to better embrace adaptability while still delivering complex self-defense capability required in the maritime environment.

The integration of cutting-edge autonomous systems would reportedly increase situational awareness, intelligence gathering, and littoral strike capability.

“The adaptability and open architecture designed into the platform provides flexibility to embark new systems as they are developed,” BAE Systems stated. “This approach also enables industry collaboration to meet different customer requirements.”

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