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BAE Systems unveils new CV90 variants for Swedish Army

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BAE Systems has unveiled two new variants of its CV90 tracked combat vehicle to be delivered to the Swedish Army.

The new vehicles are part of a $90-million follow-on contract awarded to the British defense firm for the Swedish CV90 RENO upgrade program.

The new variants are the Forward Maintenance vehicle (DSpbv 90D) and Combat Engineer vehicle (Pipbv 90D).

According to the company, the Forward Maintenance variant provides critical frontline support, such as repair and recovery of other military vehicles on the battlefield.

The Combat Engineer variant ensures route clearance for friendly vehicles and denies mission-critical mobility for enemy forces.

The two new variants will join the Swedish Army’s mechanized formations, with initial deliveries scheduled for 2023.

Increasing Combat Efficiency

BAE Systems’ CV90 combat vehicles are reportedly designed to provide high tactical and strategic mobility for armed forces.

They also offer an anti-tank capability and high survivability in any terrain or tactical environment.

Company official Tommy Gustafsson-Rask said that building two new variants would help address the Swedish Army’s tactical needs and increase its combat efficiency.

“We are proud to be producing these two new CV90 variants for the Swedish Army,” he said. “The collaborative approach involved in the Swedish CV90 RENO program has been recognized as a key success factor in achieving a timely, balanced, and cost-effective solution to meet the customer’s capability requirements.”

The two new variants will be produced at BAE Systems facilities in Sweden and Norway.

Abone Ol 

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Abone Ol 
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