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BAE Systems, VRAI collaborate on virtual reality military training tech

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BAE Systems is partnering with Dublin-based technology firm VRAI to develop virtual reality technology for military training.

The collaboration will facilitate the creation of a synthetic environment where military trainees can acquire new knowledge and learn complex strategies safely and cost-effectively.

The tech will also reportedly enable land, air, sea, space, and cyber forces to train together in one virtual world.

According to BAE Systems, VRAI’s participation in the initiative is vital because of its experience in developing cutting-edge tech that provides performance insights using machine learning.

The company’s tech can also generate massive datasets that assist military forces in preparing for operations.

‘Bringing Crucial Battlefield Experiences’

Defence Capability Director of BAE Systems Stuart Atha said that developing a technology that regularly and securely trains soldiers in a virtual world can “help our armed forces stay ahead of the curve.”

He noted that the modern battlespace is constantly evolving, thus the need to collaborate with technology firms to help the military address future challenges.

“A single synthetic environment opens up huge opportunities for collective training, bringing crucial battlefield experiences without the challenges and constraints of live training and its limited warfare scenarios,” Atha explained.

“Being able to use the data generated from simulation to tailor training for an individual is crucial for our armed forces,” he added.

VRAI official Niall Campion also stressed that the data captured through virtual training has the power to revolutionize how militaries prepare for various operations.

He also stated that the agreement with BAE Systems would enable VRAI to bring actionable insights to the front line of training.

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