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BAE to produce electronic warfare system for US F-15 Fighters

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BAE Systems has received a contract from Boeing to produce an electronic warfare system that can be integrated into the US F-15E and F-15EX Eagle fighter jets.

As part of the agreement, the British aerospace firm will deliver the Eagle Passive Active Warning Survivability Systems (EPAWSS) to increase the situational awareness of US fighter aircraft.

The EPAWSS will bolster the aircraft’s self-defense and electronic warfare capabilities.

BAE will also provide cutting-edge spares to support future maintenance and repair of the technology.

Once received, Boeing will immediately install the EPAWSS on new F-15EXs and existing F-15Es to provide critical electromagnetic capabilities.

Protection Against Modern Threats

According to BAE Systems, the integration of EPAWSS into American fighter jets is a “major milestone” for the US Air Force.

The company states that the system significantly improves the survivability and combat effectiveness of F-15s against advanced air defense systems in contested environments.

“EPAWSS production is growing as the Department of Defense signals the long-term importance of F-15s to the strategic fleet,” BAE Systems official Bridget McDermott said.

“These aircraft bring speed, maneuverability, and payload to the fight, and now with EPAWSS, they can better detect and protect against modern threats.”

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