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BAE unveils Advanced GPS receiver for guided weapons

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BAE Systems has unveiled its new M-Code global positioning system (GPS) receiver to support guided weapons and other small military applications.

Also called the Strategic Anti-jam Beamforming Receiver, the tech reportedly enables precise geolocation and strike capabilities in highly contested battlespaces.

The receiver can provide accurate altitude, position, velocity, and timing data. It can also protect against GPS signal jamming and spoofing.

According to the British defense firm, the M-Code GPS tech integrates receiver technology with advanced antenna electronics to meet challenging performance requirements.

“It is the most capable integrated anti-jam GPS receiver and the first integrated M-Code receiver available for weapon systems,” BAE Systems claims.

In addition to guided weapons, the receiver can support drones, precision-guided munitions, and missiles.

The M-Code receiver is expected to be fully qualified for production by the end of the year, with manufacturing performed in Iowa.

Abone Ol 

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