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Bosniak leader: Erdogan’s Balkans visit will have ‘calming, balancing impact’

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Erdogan, Türkiye have great role in maintaining peace, stability in Bosnia-Herzegovina, region, says chairman of Bosnia’s Presidency.

As the Turkish president is set to pay a visit to the Balkans this week, it is expected to have “a calming and balancing impact,” a Bosniak leader has said.

“Bosnia-Herzegovina wants a regional cooperation based on mutual respect. Türkiye knows the region very well and its support for the region is entirely constructive. The Turkish president’s every visit to the region has a calming and balancing effect,” Sefik Dzaferovic, the chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia-Herzegovina, told Anadolu Agency ahead of Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s trip to the region.

Dzaferovic said the Turkish leader’s visit is important for the stability of the region as well as for economic relations.

“Recently, international relations have been extremely turbulent. The war in Ukraine has brought great difficulties. Türkiye has shown its important role in maintaining international peace, ensuring the export of grain from Ukrainian ports, and in other negotiations.

“Türkiye attaches great importance to the entire region, especially Bosnia-Herzegovina. Its goal is the stability of the Balkans. President Erdogan and Türkiye have a great role in maintaining peace and stability in Bosnia-Herzegovina and the region.”

The Bosniak leader further said Erdogan’s visit is also important in terms of boosting economic ties between the two countries.

Erdogan is set to visit the capitals of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, and Croatia, respectively, in a three-day mini Balkan tour starting on Tuesday.

During his visit to the Balkan countries, he is expected to reaffirm Ankara’s commitment to peace and stability in the region.

He will arrive in Bosnia’s capital Sarajevo, where he will hold one-on-one and interdelegational meetings with the members of the Presidential Council of Bosnia-Herzegovina as part of his visit.

Business forums are planned in Sarajevo, Belgrade, and Zagreb with the cooperation of the Foreign Economic Relations Board of Türkiye (DEIK).

In recent years, the Balkans region has become an attractive market for Turkish investors with its qualified workforce, business friendly investment environment, and tax and financial incentives.

The region is often described as Türkiye’s gateway to the EU thanks to its geographical location.

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