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British army set to trial next-gen boxer armored vehicle

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The UK is set to trial its next-generation Boxer armored vehicle this month to determine if it possesses all the qualities to be named the new British Mechanized Infantry Vehicle (MIV).

According to the service, the prototypes will undergo a series of special tests ahead of a separate customer trial to be initiated by the country’s procurement agency.

If successful, the vehicles will join the army’s Armored Brigade Combat Teams and be deployed over long distances to support a wide variety of missions “from low intensity peacekeeping to warfighting.”

“Everything is subject to trial confirmation, but I am confident that it will deliver on mobility, capacity, and agility,” Warrant Officer Class One Gareth McQueen said.

The Boxer Vehicle

The Boxer is an 8×8 wheeled vehicle designed to take on various roles for the British Army’s mechanized infantry.

It is highly-mobile, making it suitable for transporting troops to the frontline.

According to the army, the Boxer has a maximum speed of 60 miles (97 kilometers) per hour and is capable of withstanding heat, shockwaves, and electromagnetic effects.

It comes in four variants, including the infantry carrier, specialist carrier, command post carrier, and medical evacuation.

“It’s going to be an excellent addition to the Armed Forces,” McQueen explained. “Its low logistic need, reach, and mobility ensure it’s relevant for any global scenario that requires a rapidly deployable infantry mass.”

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