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British Army tests Ajax infantry vehicles in extreme cold

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The British Army has announced the successful testing of its new Ajax armored fighting vehicles in extreme cold weather conditions.

The service’s Royal Armoured Corps said on X (formerly Twitter) that the combat vehicles maneuvered in snowy terrain in Sweden, with temperatures plummeting to -36 Celsius (-32.8 Fahrenheit).

Despite the wrath of the Swedish winter, British soldiers reportedly managed to push the Ajax vehicles to their limits and showcased their ability to operate in various weather conditions.

The results of the winter trials are expected to help the army and the vehicle manufacturer to further evaluate the versatility of the Ajax ahead of its official deployment.

About the Ajax

Developed by General Dynamics, the Ajax infantry fighting vehicle is part of ongoing modernization efforts by the British Army’s to address evolving battlefield threats.

It reportedly provides enhanced protection, survivability, and situational awareness to soldiers.

The Ajax vehicle that underwent winter trials was the reconnaissance tracked variant, which is equipped with a two-man turret and a 40-millimeter automatic cannon.

It also boasts an advanced sensor suite with thermal imaging and advanced optics, providing improved battlefield awareness day and night.

Prior to the winter trials, the British Army’s Ajax program encountered several issues, including a “faulty design” that caused excessive vibration.

In March 2023, the UK Ministry of Defence announced that the troubled program was moving forward and set for deployment by 2025.

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