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British Challenger 3 Tank to receive Israeli laser warning system

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Rheinmetall BAE Systems Land (RBSL) has contracted Elbit Systems UK to provide 150 Elbit Laser Warning Systems (ELAWS) for the Challenger 3 (CR3) Program.

The ELAWS provides 360-degree coverage with a precise and timely warning against laser-guided threats such as missiles.

Precise Threat Detection
It detects and identifies laser sources such as “rangefinders, designators, beam riders, infrared illuminators, and trainers,” and pinpoints radar/radio frequency sources, Elbit Systems explained.

The system allows seamless integration with various countermeasures and training within the vehicle. It comes with a built-in test platform.

“We are committed to ensuring that UK Armed Forces personnel are suitably equipped and protected from a constantly evolving range of threats, and we will continue to support all phases of this program from a number of our sites across the UK,” Elbit Systems UK CEO Martin Fausset said.

Challenger 3 Upgrades

RBSL was awarded an 800-million-pound ($1.13 billion) contract in 2021 to upgrade the British Army’s 148 Challenger 2 tanks by 2027.

The upgrades to the Cold War-era platform include a new L55 120mm smoothbore main gun, a turret for better crew protection, improved surveillance, target acquisition, and digital connectivity across the battlefield.

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