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British Typhoon jet fitted with next-gen radar

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A Typhoon fighter jet has been fitted with a new radar ahead of initial flight trials later this year.

The next-generation European Common Radar System Mk2 underwent ground-based testing before being installed on the aircraft.

Further testing and ground runs are pending before its initial flight trials.

“Equipping the aircraft with this prototype radar moves us a step closer to delivering new capability which ensures Typhoon’s role as the backbone of combat air defense for decades to come,” BAE Systems’ Air Sector Radar Delivery Director Andy Holden said.

Radar Upgrade 

The Leonardo radar is part of the UK government’s 2.35-billion-pound ($2.83 billion) investment to replace the aircraft’s existing Captor E-Scan radar.

The upgrade includes enhancing the aircraft’s mission management and cockpit interface.

The radar-equipped Typhoon is expected to counter emerging threats “until 2040 and beyond if required,” according to the UK Ministry of Defence.

Multi-Functional Radar

The radar features a multi-functional array that performs conventional functions such as search and targeting as well as electronic warfare.

“This means that Eurofighter Typhoon will be able to locate and deny use of an adversary’s radar with a powerful electronic jamming attack, whilst staying beyond the reach of threats,” BAE explained.

The Typhoon’s ability to blind enemy aircraft will allow it to operate in contested airspace alongside stealth aircraft such as the F-35.

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