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Canada delivers eight Battle Tanks promised to Ukraine

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Eight Leopard 2 tanks that Canada promised to Ukraine to help the war-torn country fend off Russia’s invasion have arrived in neighboring Poland, Defense Minister Anita Anand said.

Ottawa had announced in February it would double the number of tanks pledged to Kyiv the month before. The German-made 55,000-kilogram beasts are the backbone of and among the most advanced in the Canadian military’s arsenal.

“All eight Leopard 2 battle tanks promised by Canada for Ukraine have now arrived in Poland,” Anand said in a Twitter message.

“We’ll continue to #StandWithUkraine, and to provide Ukrainians with the tools that they need to fight and win this war,” she added.

Germany and Britain last month delivered to Ukraine 18 advanced Leopards and 14 Challenger 2 tanks, respectively, that are ready to deploy to the frontline after Ukrainian troops finished training on them.

The tanks — long an item on Ukraine’s military equipment wish list — arrived in time for an expected spring offensive by Ukraine’s forces.

Spain also pledged to send six Leopards. The United States for its part has pledged 31 Abrams tanks but said they cannot deliver them before the autumn.


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