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Canada Frigate to Test AEGIS Combat System at US Facility

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The US Department of Defense will offer a New Jersey site to conduct tests for a Canadian frigate’s missile threat detection system.

Lockheed Martin was awarded $63.8 million to build the AEGIS Canadian Surface Combatant (CSC) test site, expected to be completed by November 2026.

Work for the contract will be conducted in New Jersey, Florida, and New York.

The site is part of the Royal Canadian Navy’s CSC project to acquire 15 multi-role ships fitted with varied weapon systems to replace its Iroquois-class destroyers and Halifax-class frigates.

The AEGIS system will bolster the navy’s surface-to-air threat detection, adding more defensive weaponry alongside its 127 mm main gun and vertical launch missile systems.

Canada’s AEGIS Acquisition

The US State Department approved the AEGIS Combat System sale to Canada in May 2021.

“This will significantly improve network-centric warfare capability for the U.S. forces operating globally alongside Canada,” the US Defense Security Cooperation Agency said. “Canada will have no difficulty absorbing this equipment into its armed forces.”

The agency added that the sale will ensure Canada’s peacekeeping role as a NATO ally, promoting political stability in the region.

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