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Canoo Delivers Electric Tactical Vehicle to US Army

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Electric mobility developer Canoo has delivered its first light tactical vehicle (LTV) to the US Army.

The handover builds on a $67,500 contract in July for an electric vehicle with “scalable and adaptable capabilities in operational and garrison environments.”

“The LTV is another milestone proving the power of our technology and how it can be used, even in tactical situations,” Canoo CEO and Chairman Tony Aquila said.

“This is a winning algorithm for our customers and company.”

Canoo’s LTV

According to Canoo, the army’s latest LTV is equipped with a raised suspension, air springs, 32-inch all-terrain tires, stealth capabilities, and carbon Kevlar, allowing operations in extreme environments.

The four-seater can transport tactical equipment and building materials weighing up to 1,800 pounds (816 kilograms).

It has an all-wheel drive system with up to 600 horsepower and a range of more than 200 miles (322 kilometers).

The vehicle can be employed in either a pickup or flatbed configuration.

Meeting Climate Goals

Earlier this year, the US Army announced plans to integrate electric-powered land vehicles into the service and gradually phase out fuel–burning capabilities.

The US military will be transitioning away from current energy sources and increasing investments in cleaner energy options, according to US Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks.

“The department is committed to meeting the challenge, by making significant changes in our use of energy and increasing our investments in clean energy technology,” Hicks said at a meeting in Michigan last year.

“In pushing toward net zero emissions by 2050, the Department of Defense is developing a sustainability plan to meet our climate goals.”

“Tactical vehicle electrification, initially through hybrid electric technology, has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions but it should also provide significant operational capability.”

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