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China claims ‘Huge Breakthrough’ in laser weapon development

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China claims to have achieved a “huge breakthrough” in developing a high-powered laser weapon for military use, according to a report by the South China Morning Post.

Scientists from the National University of Defence Technology have reportedly developed a state-of-the-art cooling system that allows the country’s high-energy weapons to fire “infinitely.”

The damaging heat generated during laser operations has been a major technical challenge for militaries, limiting the use of such weapons.

With the new cooling system Beijing claims to have developed, the weapons will be able to generate laser beams “for as long as they want,” without interruption or degradation.

Apart from removing the heat from inside the laser weapon, the new tech minimizes turbulence and vibration and improves mirror cleanliness through optimized gas flow, according to the scientists.

‘Changing the Face of Battle’

The new cooling system for Chinese lasers would reportedly alter the face of battle as it increases the weapon’s range and lethality.

Beijing Times noted that the new tech could extend the duration of engagement and reduce maintenance and repair costs.

“This is a huge breakthrough in improving the performance of high-energy laser systems,” the scientists said.

“High-quality beams can be produced not only in the first second, but also maintained indefinitely.”

Former UK Official Responds

Former British military official Steve Weaver said on social media that it is indeed a “big breakthrough” if the report about China developing a laser cooling system is accurate.

He also discussed the failures of the US in overcoming the heating and distortion problem with directed-energy weapons.

Washington is also racing to develop laser weapons for modern warfare, with leading defense giant Lockheed Martin announcing plans to scale up its most potent laser from 300 to 500 kilowatts.

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