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Dangerous tensions between Taiwan and China

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Taiwan announced that 32 Chinese military aircraft and 9 warships were detected around the island from yesterday evening until this morning.

In the statement of Taiwan‘s Ministry of Defence, it was stated that 20 of the 32 aircraft crossed the air and sea line in the Taiwan Strait, which is assumed to limit the spheres of influence of the parties, and flew in the area declared by Taiwan as the “Air Defence Identification Zone (ADIZ)”.

In the statement, it was noted that “SU-30”, “J-10” and “JH-7” type fighter jets and “TB-001” and “CH-4” type armed drones crossed the nominal “middle line” in the Taiwan Strait, “Y-8 EW” and “KJ-500” early warning aircraft, “BZK-005” type unarmed drone and “Y-9” type military transport aircraft flew southwest of ADIZ.

The ministry announced yesterday that 22 Chinese military aircraft were detected around the island during the day, 13 of which crossed the “center line”.


The flights and ship patrols followed the United States (US) approval on August 24 of a 500 million dollar sale of F-16 infrared surveillance systems and equipment to Taiwan, with which China has a sovereignty dispute.

Beijing condemned the approval of the sale and called on Washington to “immediately withdraw the decision”.

Taiwan, which China defends as part of its territory, has been de facto independent since 1949 when the People’s Republic of China was established. The separation between mainland China and Taiwan, which emerged after the civil war, still continues.

Emphasizing the “One China” principle, Beijing opposes Taiwan’s establishment of independent diplomatic relations with the countries of the world, its representation in the United Nations (UN) and other international organizations, and requires the countries that recognize it to sever diplomatic relations with Taiwan.

Source: Anadolu Agency

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